Live in pet sitters

Live in pet sitters

Why use a Pet Sitter?

Why use a pet sitter? Well, Pet and Property Sitters offer the ideal solution to the problem of ensuring your home and pets are properly cared for when you are away.  We provide friendly live in pet sitters who provide the loving care you require in a professional manner. Over the 15 years we have been providing live in pet sitters we have developed trusted systems that we use ensure that things run as smoothly as possible whilst providing the required back up in the event of problems, emergencies or illness.  An established pet sitting company with a personal touch offers you the best of both worlds; experience you can trust with the peace of mind that we will get to know you and your pets well! You will never be lost in a large office where you become a booking number.

Why use a pet sitter? The peace of mind our service offers allows you to take holidays and business trips without worrying about your home and pets.  Even if you are not contactable during your trip you can be rest assured that there is always someone on hand to ensure that your animals are being properly cared for and that problems will be dealt with promptly and efficiently according to your wishes.  Using a professional company rather than a 'one man band' ensures that if your sitter is taken ill or has an emergency help is on hand and systems are in place to smoothly provide back up care to the same standard wherever possible.

Our friendly, personal service is easy to use and much more effective than the best alarm or kindest neighbour.  Employing professional sitters also ensures that your home and pets are cared for in a structured manner according to your instructions.  This can be a difficult  request when arrangements are made privately.   We receive countless enquiries from clients who have been let down by friends or family at the last minute.  Having a team of sitters means that we have a fall back solution in the case of illness or an emergency prior to your departure.  As a professional service we are also fully insured.  Your own insurance provider are also likely to encourage using a live in sitter as it means that someone will be on site and keeping an eye on things while you are away.

When asking yourself why use a pet sitter, remember we firmly believe that our service offers the very best care possible for your home and pets when you are away.  Having a live in pet sitter is the stress free alternative to boarding kennels and catteries and we provide one to one care.  Your pet sitter will only be caring for your home and pets when you are away, unlike a pop in sitter who is likely to have a list of clients to visit.  However settled your pets may be when left alone it is a big risk to leave them overnight; what if they are taken ill or there is an accident?  With our live in service your sitter is immediately on hand.

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