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arranging a property sit

With Pet and Property Sitters arranging a pet sit is easy.  After chatting your requirements over with you we will send you an information pack which explains our service in greater detail.  Included in your pack will be a booking form; simply return this and we will use the information provided to identify a suitable single sitter or couple for you.    Your booking will be handled by one of our small team. You will not get lost in a call centre.  We work hard to get to know you and your pets well so that we can ensure that your requirements become second nature to us.

Once we have received your booking form we will contact you to tell you a little more about the sitter/s we feel would be the best match for you.  These will be the people who best meet you and your pets needs.  We do this using simple system and often joke that this service is very like a dating agency; it takes years of experience to be able to quickly identify the best matches for our clients and pets and personality has a lot to do with a good fit.  It is our policy to introduce a sitter who we feel is right for you and your pets even if they are a few miles further down the road rather than someone who is closer but not likely to 'gel' with your family. 

When you have heard a little more about our chosen sitter and confirmed that you would like to take things a step further we will arrange a preliminary visit so that they can meet you and your pets.  Unless in the case of an emergency we never arrange a pet sit without this visit as we feel it is essential.  In fact we will try to arrange it as soon as possible so that you and the sitters are happy with arrangements.  We can always arrange for them to visit you again nearer the time to go thru details immediately before the sit.  The sitter will bring along a selection of literature including Property and Pet Information sheets which they will use to get a detailed overview of your pets routine along with details they require to ensure the smooth running of your home in your absence.  Most importantly the preliminary visit gives you the opportunity to get to know your sitter better and for them to learn more about you, and your pets.  You can tell them all about your pets personality, quirks and routine as well as details such as where you keep their bowls and where you walk them. 

After the preliminary visit we will contact you to see how things went.  The final decision in selecting a sitter is yours; in the unlikely event that you do not feel they are right for you simply let us know and we will work with you to find someone who is.

Once you have confirmed that you are happy to go ahead we will in turn confirm your booking.  We will then contact you immediately prior to the sit to ensure that arrangements remain the same, re-confirming start/finish times and double checking your plans.

On the day of your departure your sitter will arrive before you leave.  They will also be waiting for you on your return unless you wish to make alternative arrangements.  If you wish your sitter will shop for fresh food ready for your return.

We remain in close contact with our sitters throughout the sit.  If there is a problem they will contact us immediately so that we can ensure that things are rectified as soon as possible.  In the case of an emergency or in the event of an accident or illness we will replace your sitter straight away.

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