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Tuesday, 13th October 2015 at 11:09 AM

Would you like to become a pet sitter? We are looking for trustworthy, responsible people who are animal lovers and would like to become a pet sitter.  We welcome applications from honest, friendly, capable people who are happy to travel to different locations and a variety of situations. Flexibility, a passion for animals and a sense of humour is a key requirement if you would like to become a pet sitter.

Property sitting is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Many of our sitters make firm friends with our clients and their pets when they become a pet sitter. It allows you to have a change of scenery in pleasant surroundings while enjoying spending time with a variety of delightful animals. As well as the being paid, you will also be provided with a provisions' allowance and traveling expenses.

When you become a pet sitter you are expected to keep the client's property as clean and tidy as when you arrive and to care for the pets in a loving and responsible manner. Some clients may require you to water house plants and outside tubs or do a little light gardening if this is of interest to you. You will be tasked with keeping pets in their usual routine and ensure that they remain content, cared for and as spoilt as possible!  This will obviously include general care from dog walking and feeding to maintaining comfort/cleanliness and administering medication if required.

We have a variety of people who come to us because they would like to become a pet sitter. We employ single sitters although some choose to take a (registered and reference/police checked) partner with them to a property sit and most clients are happy with this arrangement. The sitter's partner will pay his/her own expenses and would not receive any wages.

Property sits last from a day to two months, but the average is 1 to 2 weeks.  We also do part day sits if a client just requires a few hours cover and dog walking if a convenient.  When you become a pet sitter you can choose the sort of assignments you would be interested in completing and have the option of turning down those which don't suit your requirements.

Pet and Property sitting is a responsible position. We do our best to place a sitter with a client whose needs most nearly match his/her interests, therefore finding the sitter a property sit where they will have a pleasant and rewarding time.

Pet sitting is the sort of job that suits recently retired people with time on their hands.  It is not something designed to be a full time job, more something different to do whilst visiting new areas.  We do occasionally employ sitters to only care for properties but the people we actively employ are those who adore animals and value the opportunity to lovingly care for our clients pets as if they were their own.

Please note that in order to become a pet sitter you will need to own a car as many of the properties we care for are in isolated locations.  You will also need a permanent home within our coverage area, namely Northern England as detailed on our homepage. Pet sitting is not a suitable role to replace a full time job and can't be carried out in conjunction with one.  We only employ sitters on a long term basis.  Our sits are not suitable to replace your own home.

Pet & Property Sitters are actively recruiting sitters in Northern England.  Please note that we do not require staff in Southern England. If you would like to become a pet sitter we would love to hear from you. Please telephone 01423 817867 or email us for further information and an application form. If you would like to become a pet sitter you will be required to provide employment history, character references. We interview all sitters in their own home. A police check will also be required for insurance purposes.

Become a pet sitter

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