Arranging a pet sitter

Wednesday, 30th September 2015 at 14:20 PM

Arranging a home sitter is easy with our live in home sitting service. With over 15 years experience arranging a home sitter with us is easy; we can offer you the professional home sitting service you require with an established local company based right in your area. 

Our sitters provide a presence in your home helping to deter burglars. Police statistics have stated that four out of five burglaries occur when a house is empty.  In addition to the benefit of having someone staying in your home we offer far more than basic services such  as opening/shutting curtains, seeing to post and putting bins in/out and unlike many pop in services we do not charge extra to do so.   You home will continue to be run as it would if you were there; simply supply your sitter with instructions.

Your sitter will not vacate the property for more than 3 hours during the day (excluding dog walking) and half an hour at night.  They will not be juggling you with other clients (as many pop in services do) and are dedicated to ensuring that your home is well cared for. Our live in home sitters will also care for any pets you may have.

Using live-in sitters also helps to minimise the effects of adverse weather and if there is a problem or damage occurs we are on hand to ensure things are rectified immediately.  Rooms are aired in summer and warmed in winter.  Your house will always be as clean and tidy as when you left it.  The sitter will keep it warm enough to be comfortable but will also keep an eye on the household budget as they would in their own home.  Telephone messages will be taken according to your instructions and callers dealt with in a courteous manner.  Many of our sitters are also keen gardeners and are able to provide basic care to ensure everything is kept ship shape for your return.

Pet and Property Sitters also specialise in caring for larger properties without pets.  Please see our property care page for further details.

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