Pet Sitter listing websites

Thursday, 16th July 2015 at 10:32 AM

Over the last year there has been an influx of pet sitter listing websites appearing.  Many have frequently posted adverts on Facebook claiming that pet sitter listing websites are the new way to find a sitter.  Many have now evolved and claim to do security checks along with providing insurance with the suggestion that they offer a more traditional service rather than just being pet sitter listing websites.  This is a very scary claim.

One look at pet sitter listing websites can show you the clear difference between these and a professional pet sitting service.  The security checks are little more than a verified email and at best a address check.  This does not give you the peace of mind of knowing people are who they say they are, that they have relevant experience, a verified employment history, character references and a police check to ensure that they do not have a criminal record.  Most importantly these companies never meet their 'sitters', do not get to know them and make only the most basic effort to match them with the right clients. Pet sitter listing websites will never compare to a professional service who should do all these things as standard and work hard to ensure that the right match is made between sitters and clients.

When recruiting sitters pet sitter listing websites advertise pet sitting as an easy way to make money, an easy way to find accommodation and a great way to travel the world.  There is often very little mention of a love of pets, and the fact the pet sitting is not an easy task to undertake.  It should be done for the right reasons, in line with guidelines set out by the company.  You sitter should want to be with your pets and should be on site for all but a few hours a day doing so.  There is no guarantee this will happen with someone found on pet sitter listing websites as they are essentially under no obligation.

The insurance claimed by pet sitter listing websites is basic at best and when undertaking a sit with them it is vital to be aware that in the event of a problem there will  be very little cover.  If you check the small print you will also find that they have a very high excess which you would be required to pay.  A service such as ours provides comprehensive, bespoke insurance tailored to the needs of our clients and their pets.

Reading the guidelines on a pet sitter listing website will give you an idea of how they expect a sit to run.  They 'suggest' a possible meet up first and 'suggest' it might be a good idea to get vet contact details.  A professional company will arrange this as standard and will ensure that a comprehensive set of details are put together both for the running of the house and for the care of your pets.  It should not be an after thought!

A pet sitter listing website may appear to be a slightly cheaper alternative to a professional service but it is important to remember that you really do get what you pay for.  Even a service that initially appears to work well is tested when there is a problem, and unfortunately that can be too late.

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