Finding a pet sitter

Monday, 8th December 2014 at 13:18 PM

When you start the process of finding a pet sitter it is important to ensure that you fully explore all the options that are available to you.  Finding a pet sitter via the internet can now be more complicated than it ever has been.  Numerous websites have sprung up declaring that they can help when you are finding a pet sitter.  However, it is important to remember that professional pet sitting companies are there for a reason: we want to offer you a quality, one stop service to ensure that your home and pets are lovingly cared for with the back up of a professional company in the event of a complication and comprehensive, bespoke insurance rather than a basic block policy. We are finding a pet sitter with the right experience and the right skills to help.  A professional company are not just interested in getting subscriptions from people, we get to know our clients and offer on going support.

Finding a pet sitter online can also throw up the problem of background checks etc.  Many listings sites declare that they have verified their sitters.  These verification systems are basic at best.  Checking a postal address and taking a few random references is nothing like the proper process you should go thru when finding a pet sitter.  By coming to a professional service this hard work is done for you.  Our pet sitters are fully checked.  We take 20 years of employment history, 3 characters references in writing with a follow up phone call, police checks and most importantly they are interviewed face to face in their own homes before being employed so that we can ensure that the very best care is given.

Finding a pet sitter

via an online listing may not be the good idea it may well seem at first.  It is always wise to ensure that you have chatted to your vet and local contacts to help you find the service that gives you the very best peace of mind.

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